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Anyone Wanna Go Back? - Memphis Cleaning Service

Anyone Wanna Go Back?

This is exactly what a Holiday weekend is for. The air fare is not as expensive as usual. We have some many beaches in the USA. If COVID apprehensive to get out the passports, Clearwater Florida is a great place to vacation. I lived there off of Gulf Boulevard, on the inter-coastal called Indian Rocks Beach a few miles south ...

Picking Out Healthy Foods in the Grocery Store - Memphis Cleaning Service

Picking Out Healthy Foods in the Grocery Store

I like fresh grab and go food I can get at the grocery store. For more info on how to use and prepare, go to Elana Goldbergs, Goodnet.org – Top 10 healthy foods. This simple tip really helped! SPINACH BLACK BEANS WALNUTS BEETS AVOCADO DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRIES GARLIC LEMONS LENTILS

What Kind of Floors - Memphis Cleaning Service

What Kind of Floors

These floors are a type of manufactured waterproof floor.  I am not in the flooring business but at Clean and Pink, my company cleans all kinds of floors not limited to various stone, live stone to Brazilian woods, cement, manufactured, and glass with various seals or wax finishes.  Yikes, it can really be a science.  But for a first-time homeowner ...

How to Build a Simple Crudité Board - Memphis Cleaning Service

How to Build a Simple Crudité Board

I like to support local markets, so for my family, a Saturday at the farmers market (in season) is a must. A lovely spring crudité board for the outside table is a clean and pink favorite. VEGGIES: Produce that catches your eye is where to start. Radishes, colored broccoli, carrots, colored tomatoes, pickled green beans, asparagus (see below) and roasted ...

Invest in Life Insurance - Memphis Cleaning Service

Invest in Life Insurance

In a recent survey, 43% of Americans admitted they’d leave their loved ones behind nothing more than photos and memories. Life insurance can help provide reassurance that your family’s financial future will be taken care of. At Clean and Pink we understand the value of proper insurance which is why we use Lee Maddox at Farmers Insurance. https://www.maddoxinsured.com – (901) ...

Paper Towel and Coat Hanger - Memphis Cleaning Service

Paper Towel and Coat Hanger

I use paper towels constantly when tidying up my home. It’s just they can be bulky to carry from room to room or from floor to floor.  I personally hang one upstairs and downstairs in the hall closets. I have them when and where I need them, and I don’t go low in the kitchen.  I am all about upcycling ...

Spaghetti Candle Lighting Tip - Memphis Cleaning Service

Spaghetti Candle Lighting Tip

I don’t know about you, but I love to burn candles.  I love the smell and the ambience it creates in a room.  What I don’t like is when my favorite candles’ wick has gotten so short that I am unable to light it without burning myself or getting black residue all over my hands.  I also don’t like the ...