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"Midtown is Memphis" is what you see on cars and in bars, on hats, shirts and key chains. When I moved to Memphis from Indian Rocks Beach, FL (Clearwater) I lived downtown in my sister’s condo until I could find my Memphis spot. It was Midtown, in 2007. I was having lunch at a Cooper-Young Midtown icon, called the “Beauty Shop Restaurant” when I was asked “I couldn’t help but over hearing that you are new to midtown, have you met our midtown mayor”?. Totally confused and eager to google, I responded “ Umm no sir, I have not”. The gentleman then said, “ Well she is sitting back there” and pointed to a loud large table that could not be missed. “Let me go get her, she knows everyone in midtown but not you”. He got off his stool and walked toward the table when frantically I said to the waiter “ I was not aware that Midtown Cleaning Service Memphis - Clean & PinkMidtown had its own mayor? But I guess it makes sense…so midtown must be like Germantown they have their own Mayor???”. Well, I was introduced. I stood up and said “Oh Ms. Mayor, it’s a pleasure to meet you….I have only been in Memphis for a few months”. She welcomed me to the city and informed me about midtown and why “Midtown is Memphis”. Respectful, interested but perplexed; we shook hands and off she went to her table. I could not wait to call my sister, a Rhodes graduate, and tenured Memphis Resident. When I got in my car, I did just that. My sister informed me that Midtown doesn’t have a Mayor and is not like Germantown in ANY way. I began to laugh, got out of my car, to head back into that local restaurant. When I walked in immediately, I was great with an applause from the staff and some of the customers that overheard my conversation with the “Mayor of Midtown”. One staff member patted me on the back and said, “that was the greatest thing I have seen since I started here”. The point is, I felt welcomed and had a good laugh.

Midtown has many districts ranging from Cooper-Young, Lenox, Idlewild, Central Gardens, Evergreen and many more areas are forming. There are too many to name but these five that are listed are well known to the midtown area. The Memphis Zoo is also home to Midtown along with many historical parks, nature trails, bird watching areas, theaters, music halls and more!

There is so much to do in midtown that scooters became a preferred way of transportation and the ‘multiple people peddling’ beer-drinking sprocket has become a popular group exercise and “work out” of choice, in the summer months. While you visit this city within a city, a few things to check out are: For a Show visit Playhouse on the Square, The Iconic Brooks Museum, Music the famous Lafayette’s Music Room, and night club that serves lunch and has seating on the balcony overlooking the area, The Memphis Zoo for wolf and panda exhibit, The Dixon Gallery and Gardens. Sip Local Beer at the many Memphis Brewing Companies, from Memphis Made Brewing Company, Crosstown Brewing, Bosco’s, High Cotton Brewing Co., Wiseacre Brewing Co.,. Also don’t forget that Clean and Pink’s residential cleaning office is located off Cooper St. on 2051 Courtland Place Midtown Memphis, 38104.

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