Bathroom Trash!

Bathroom Trash! - Memphis Cleaning Service

Bathroom Trash! - Memphis Cleaning ServiceWhy are so many restaurant bathrooms, trashed?  It resembles a college experience when using a frat house bathroom.  Nothing against frat houses or sorority houses but come on owners, clean the bathrooms; especially because you are serving food.  The call to action in this post, is for paying customers to notice the public restaurant restroom and say something to management.  The restaurant owners should be ashamed.  A thought might be…” it’s a privilege to use the facilities and in some countries, you must pay to use restroom”. Well, that is not the case in the USA. And clean your restrooms!  Paying customers return to their tables and want to enjoy the restaurant. It’s the point of being there.  What I find offensive in the “covered table restaurants”, normally white cloth; are the rings in the toilets. It looks clean with the granite vanity, nice soap, dispensers, breath fresheners, and creams however the toilets have rings in them. Yes, pull down your pants put your naked self on the seat and flush. Nasty! How about put some fresher in the toilet, or a bleach tablet a closing time?  All I am really asking is that people notice how gross it is to sit on a public toilet that is not clean, and then to say something to management.  The next time you visit that restaurant see if there is a difference. Repeat for a third time and post on social media.  Customer service should still exist in most service-oriented business. After all, you are paying for the service.  Clean and Pink can be hired to handle the restrooms!