Clean and Pink is Keeping it Clean #COVIDstillexists

Clean and Pink is Keeping it Clean - Memphis Cleaning Service

Cleaning Regularly is a major step in the right direction for fighting off germs, dead skin cells, dust mites, and viruses. When I founded Clean and Pink Co. 10 years ago, my suggestion was weekly and bi-weekly cleaning only. Then and now, it’s how we operate. Cleanings once a month or every few months is not sanitary, passes germs, spreads viruses, and allows dust mites to mature.

Clean and Pink is Keeping it Clean - Memphis Cleaning Service“Transfer” occurs when we walk on the floors, touch all the surfaces and sleep. Yes, sleep. Stay tuned for what lurks in your pillows in upcoming blog. The picture above is an example of what not to do. Even though she is cleaning, she is creating opportunity to “transfer” germs from surface to surface and room to room. The mop looks like it’s doing a ok, job. NOT. Why? Because what was on the floor is now under/ on the cabinets (the foot hold area). This area should be sanitized first before mopping the floor. Hands and knees time with a hot/ damp microfiber with cleaning agent. Then go back with a dry paper towels and disinfectant and swipe and wipe dry. Before mopping roll towels under the cabinets so that “transfer” does not happen. The rug shouldn’t be in the picture. Rather moved out of that area, cleaned, and sanitized before placing back down on the dry and cleaned floor. Cleaning a small area rug is simple. Take outside, wearing mask and gloves, beat or shake out. Let aerate 15 minutes. Vacuum. Spray a fabric disinfectant, let stand until dry. If using a powder like baking soda, let this “dwell” for 30 minute and vacuum.

Its critical to Clean and Disinfect your home when someone is sick. If you hire Clean and Pink, Co. to clean that’s awesome. Thanks! But we don’t want to be infected, either. If you have a sick family member be courteous and quarantine them to one room while the cleaning service is cleaning. After this family member is fever-free for 24 hours, Clean and Pink Co. will suit-up and disinfect that area completely.

Cleaning Different types of Surfaces can be a bit tricky.

These products may contain fats/soap that create film. Others contain ammonia that will compromise floor, grout, glass, or stone seals. Additionally, product may not be approved for certain surface types, or site use. As a owner of a cleaning company the biggest deal for me is product. Yet for many others its NOT. I see many people lugging in cheap products to cut costs. THAT’S BAD. Products may not be EPA approved to kill COVID germs, pathogens, or the norovirus. For clarity on these and other products, please visit the United States Environmental Protection agency for clarification.  Basically, on the product code the EPA Reg Number has a 2- or 3-part code you can apply to find out if this disinfects against COVID-19, pathogens, and norovirus.  This List is called “the EPA List N Tool” found on   Get smart, stay informed and stay protected.  The vaccines are becoming readily available to all of us. That’s great! Its also no guarantee one won’t get the virus. As for Clean and Pink Co. we will stay masked up and COVID compliant. We hope our customers will continue to do the same.  We are in the business of keeping their homes clean and disinfected. Join Clean and Pink today.