Get Back Mold!

Get Back Mold! - Memphis Cleaning Service

Get Back Mold! - Memphis Cleaning ServiceClean and Pink staff members are trained to “Dry” the shower after they clean it. This is especially important for glass doors, shower walls, and the shower floor. There are too many reasons to list, but the main reason is for preventing mold growth and hard water stains on the glass doors. Many Glass doors have a clear track/ or guide at the bottom of the shower door. This can easily be removed and washed. Pull yours off, and look for mold. If mold is on the clear track/ guide it’s in other places. After cleaning a shower or taking a shower between cleanings, always dry the shower floor and walls with a towel, use a squeegee on glass doors, spray a mold defense down the drain, and leave the shower door open to air. Its costly to remodel a shower with glass doors and if you ever put up the house for sale a clean shower is valuable to the buyer. No one want to buy a used, water permeated soap scum shower! At Clean and Pink, we keep it clean!

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