Healthy BBQ Ideas

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Healthy BBQ Ideas

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Healthy BBQ IdeasYou don’t have to cut your favorite foods from the standard barbeque menu to make it a healthier barbeque.

Include Fruits and Vegetables

There are lots of different ways to add fruits and vegetables to the menu. It can be as simple as having a fruit and vegetable tray with dips that make them more fun to eat. A smoothie station is another fun and healthy way to incorporate fruit into the party. A fun and simple fruit dessert is watermelon pizza.

Whole Grains

Experiment with making whole grain-based salads using quinoa, farrow, millet, barley or whole wheat couscous. You can substitute those grains in your typical pasta salad recipe.

Meat Choice

Try choosing some leaner meat options like skinless chicken breast, lean ground poultry and fish such as salmon or trout. If you can`t imagine a barbeque without red meat, opt for leaner cuts like sirloin or tenderloin, or 98 percent lean ground beef – all with a grade of choice or select, rather than prime.

Grilling Technique

Grill lines are a part of barbecuing, but with a few adjustments, you can keep carcinogen production to a minimum.

  • Limit grill time by defrosting meat first.
  • Consider making kebabs instead of large pieces of meat to reduce cooking time.
  • Trim away visible fat to prevent fat from dripping onto hot coals and creating smoke.
  • Use a marinade that contains vinegar or lemon juice. The acidity protects surfaces from HCAs and PAHs.
  • Flip grilled meat often to prevent dripping juices.

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