Managing a Cleaning Company

Managing a Cleaning Company - Memphis Cleaning Service

Managing a Cleaning Company - Memphis Cleaning Service

Clean and Pink residential cleaning company launched in 2010.  Founder, Heather Donaho learned that policy and procedure was critical.  Establishing how “clean” would be defined and measured, was up to her. Donaho stated that “establishing protocols and pro formas, production frequencies and scope of work with each new client, was essential for success”.  “Not do this would cause failure”.  Organic growth  one client, one employee at a time.  I did not borrow money, had a small saving, and preformed the tasks. Coming from a corporate environment I had to remind myself of the bigger picture when I was cleaning my first client’s home, especially when cleaning the bathrooms.  It was not beneath me, it’s what it took.  In 2017, Clean and Pink was recognized as an industry leader in residential cleaning for the Memphis market. In 2020 Ownership changed hands. 

But the real story is how to be effective in the service industry when resources are constrained and COVID happened.  I will explain a formula that I use in key areas. 1)  Productions rates x frequency ÷ resources = outcome of profit margins. Stay tuned for service industry strategies on different topics this fall on you tube and Facebook following Tuesdays blogs.  For more on this topic email:  Clean and Pink, “It’s a science not a chore.”™

Clean & Pink – Cleaning Service in Memphis, Tennessee

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