The Importance of Staging While Selling

The Importance of Staging While Selling - Memphis Cleaning Service

Clean and Pink has established a division that is geared toward “home sales” for Builders and Realtors. Clean and Pink began in 2010 as a hi-end residential cleaning company. The company’s Founder Heather Donaho understood what market space that she wanted to be in, the strategy required to obtain this venture and the “science” behind cleaning luxury homes. Understanding clients that have high expectations, quantifies a team approach in deliverables, and validates compliance in product and materials. Whether a person is staying in their home or selling their home, staging is critical. Staging to an existing owner each cleaning shows we care about our customer. So to me, staging a home is as equally important as cleaning it. If you’re not convinced that staging a home is crucial, this might be the kicker. One-quarter of buyers’ agents told the NAR that staging increased the offering price by 1% to 5% compared to homes that weren’t staged. Among sellers’ agents, 22% say the same and 17% say it increased the offering price by 6% to 10%. Notably, 0% of sellers’ agents and only 1% of buyers’ agents said that staging had a negative impact on offering price. With nothing to lose and a lot to possibly gain, it stands to reason that staging is worth the effort. This is likely even more true for homes with unique or highly specific décor. For Clean and Pink, we will stage all homes, every person, every customer, every time. It just looks better.
-Heather Donaho, Founder Clean and Pink Co.