Have a G&T with Me

Have a G&T with Me - Memphis Cleaning Service

Have a G&T with Me - Memphis Cleaning ServiceSummer reminds of many things, but mainly growing up on the water and my Dad sipping a G&T, Warf-side on the magical coast line of Mobile Bay. Last week, my sister reminded me how refreshing a good G&T can be, if made properly. #Sharing. Some experts say it is the order of ingredients. Whatever your pleasure, pack a glass with lots of ice. Using a jigger pour in 50ml of London Dry Gin. Add 50ml of Soda water and 50ml of tonic water. (If you google recipes many call for both).  Squeeze in a wedge of lime and stir. (If a squeezed lime is too pungent- garnish with lime.) For a Floridian G&T garnish with mint/ or basil. Either way they are refreshing and clean.