Sober October

Sober October - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TNSome of us, challenge ourselves by saying “no” to Alcohol before the holiday season hits. Many friends do a cleans, diet, or just want to lay off because the Holidays are approaching…. Whatever the reason for the season this Mocktail is delish! Its an awesome after dinner drink.

For the mocktail:
• 5 oz. organic no pulp orange juice
• ½ oz. organic lime juice
• ⅓ oz. organic lemon juice
• 1 tsp. organic vanilla extract
• Topo Chico

• Cocowhip
• YumEarth organic candy corn
1. Add a few ice cubes to a mason jar or cocktail shaker.
2. Add the orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice, and vanilla extract to your shaker of choice.
3. Put your lid on and give it a good shake (~15-20 seconds).
4. Strain your drink over a martini glass.
5. Top with Topo Chico.
6. For garnish, add a spoonful of Cocowhip (or any other non-dairy or dairy whipped topping), and some candy corn!
7. Enjoy your daily serving of vegetables because candy corn totally counts as a vegetable!

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