Wine Pairing and Watermelon

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Wine Pairing and Watermelon

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Wine Pairing and WatermelonSo earlier this week I recommended a delicious watermelon salad recipe. There are many whites that pair with watermelon, however not many Rose wines. But I found one that is decadent.  In keeping with the pink theme, we recommend a Provencal-style Rosé.

There are different styles of Rosé, depending on the type of grape used and how the winemaker chooses to make the wine — will it be dry or sweet?

The best match for the watermelon salad is a Provencal Rosé.  According to USA Today, these wines are typically made from Rhone varietals and offer a dry palate that quenches thirst and leaves you wanting more. They’re also food-friendly wines.

While we’d love to tell you to head to France’s Provence region to find the best Rosé, airfare and travel expenses sadly prevent most of us from getting to experience Rosé in true Southern France fashion.

But the good news is, you may only have to travel as far as your local wine shop or grocery story to find a good French Rosé. According to the Provence Wine Council, an organization representing more than 600 Provence wine producers and 72 trade companies, the number of Rosés exported from France’s Provence region to America have reached record-setting levels in the last year.


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