Spring Blind Cleaning

Spring Blind Cleaning - Memphis Cleaning Service

Spring Blind Cleaning - Memphis Cleaning ServiceHello my fellow Memphians! Spring is upon us and most people do not have the time or desire to clean window blinds in their home. Dirty Blinds happen to be one of my favorite things to clean, now that I found the best method for blinds that can’t be taken down and disassemble for cleaning. I warn you, it takes time so be patient. Understand that some blind might have so much build up they will need a solution on the microfiber.

Cleaning Tip: Buy a pair of small tongs and wrap some microfiber cloths around the end of the tongs, (putting the seam on the sides or back makes for easier cleaning) secure with two rubber bands on each side, then grab your individual blind, wipe, then repeat. Change cloths out with new ones if blinds are super dirty or dusty.