Fall Tips for Outside of The Home

Fall Tips for Outside of The Home - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TN

Fall Tips for Outside of The Home - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TNEach year, we scurry around to make sure to get all the outside chores done before winter and the Holidays. If you are a new homeowner, below are a few tips you can do now to make seasonal changes a bit easier.

Check the caulking and weather seals around doors and windows Check the dryer exhaust pipe Clean gutters and downspouts Clean and store outside toys and furniture Clear any yard debris Clean the BBQ grill, refill propane or stock up on charcoal Clean off light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed Drain and store water hoses Pressure wash the house Touch up any areas that need painting Wash outside of windows Check steps for any repairs needed

Replace the air filter, clean the cover Dust and clean the computer, keyboard, printer, and other electronics Clean the tv with an appropriate cleaner Sweep out and vacuum the fireplace Have the chimney professionally cleaned Clean behind and under the washer, dryer, and other large appliances Drain the water heater to remove sediment Wash interior windows Schedule a furnace inspection Stock up on candles and matches/lighters Stock up on extra batteries and flashlights Check batteries in flashlights Stock up on sidewalk salt Test smoke detectors and monoxide detectors, replace batteries. A few other things to think about…if you have other devices such as a smart thermostat, home surveillance camera, door lock management device, portable chargers, or home security system, check those batteries as well!

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