Hiring Practices for Small Business

Hiring Practices for Small Business - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TN

Hiring Practices for Small Business - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TNCleaning companies need to crack down on hiring practices. A few years ago, we called multiple services in Memphis and beyond, to find that a phone interview was done, and a start date given. WHAT??? No background checks, drug, or criminal checks? That’s it? Last week, a college of mine interviewed over the phone, was given a start date to come in to fill out the application and be sent out on the job with a current employee, on the same day. WOW! Again, no background check was done, the drug test was not done upon the interview as promised among other things.

Clean and Pink has had an extensive hiring practice since 2010. That said, has lost a few hiring opportunities due its constringent hiring practices. At Clean and Pink we take hiring seriously, as its current staff voluntarily wears body cameras with client approval.

Most all business are using the same recruiting engines, app’s, social media venues, job boards. Hiring managers are all reviewing resumes from shared apps like Zip Recruiter or boards like Indeed. Below are a few things to consider when hiring an employee especially for a small business, that maybe can’t spend a large amount of money on hiring. Hiring takes strategy, and face to face interviews or meetings. Facial response can’t always be caught on a “zoom” call or “face time” meeting. Some recruiters have become administrative assistants and that finding candidates is only done behind the desk. That’s because no one wants to do, what I call gorilla recruiting- shaking the bushes to find candidates. Coming from a recruiting background of 20 years, I feel I can weigh in on the matter.

Want to hire people you can trust, call the professionals at Clean and Pink.

Work Wave has posted a helpful article specific to the cleaning industry. For more on hiring practices in the cleaning industry visit the work wave site https://insights.workwave.com/industry/cleaning-services/how-to-hire-staff-for-your-cleaning-business/

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