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Keep Your Dryer Sheets On - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TNDryer sheets aren’t just for the laundry anymore. In addition to softening and reducing static in fabrics in the dryer, the use of dryer sheets, scented or unscented, can help with multiple tasks around the house, including pet care and freshening stinky shoes and other items.

What Are Dryer Sheets?
Dryer sheets are white pieces of material made either with a polyester substrate non-woven base or a recyclable cellulose base. Both types are coated with silicone-based fabric softeners that transfer to your clothes when activated by heat in a dryer.

Scrub Away Stuck-on Food from Pots and Pans
If you have baked-on or stuck-on food in a pot or pan, place an unused non-woven polyester dryer sheet in the pan and fill it with hot water. Allow the pan to soak overnight. The silicone coating on the dryer sheet will help soften the food. The next morning, use the dryer sheet to wipe away the food. The slight texture of the polyester woven sheet will remove the traces of food and won’t harm the finish of non-stick surfaces.

Finish the task by washing the pot or pan with dish washing detergent and hot water to remove any remaining residue.

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