Packing Tips for Fall Travel

Packing Tips for Fall Travel - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TN

Packing Tips for Fall Travel - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TN1. Wear your boots, coat, and hat on the plane.

2. Utilize tights and leggings. Packing dresses is a great packing hack for summer months, but dresses work equally well in the fall. Adding leggings or tights to go with a long-sleeved dress doesn’t take much room in your bag and is much lighter than packing several pairs of jeans or trousers.

3. Keep your bag light, avoid heavy jumpers and jackets, but even lightweight jumpers can take up a lot of room in your bag.

4. Pack a stylish snood or hat for both warmth and to be used as an accessory to your outfit.

5. Check the weather. If the weather doesn’t call for rain then leave your umbrella and raincoat at home.

6. Sticking with one color scheme is important. If you pack colors and patterns that go together you will be able to mix and match and bring less clothing.

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