Paper Towel and Coat Hanger

Paper Towel and Coat Hanger - Memphis Cleaning Service

Paper Towel and Coat Hanger - Memphis Cleaning ServiceI use paper towels constantly when tidying up my home. It’s just they can be bulky to carry from room to room or from floor to floor.  I personally hang one upstairs and downstairs in the hall closets. I have them when and where I need them, and I don’t go low in the kitchen.  I am all about upcycling items, so upcycle a coat hanger! (Preferably plastic- or make your own.)

Tip: Snip the hanger’s crossbar with a pair of sharp scissors or a wire cutter in the center. If you are cleaning from room to room, load your paper towels, then place the hanger on the doorknobs or any other hooks you may have, this frees up your hands and makes it easy to pull your paper towel sheets off.  So simple but totally genius!  Many people have kids with back door, garage door, mudroom, or pool room entrances. Hanging these out allows the entire family to sanitize prior to entering the home.