Halloween Trivia

Halloween Trivia - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TN

Halloween Trivia - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TNHalloween Trivia – test your knowledge.

Question: Where does the term “jack o’lantern” come from?
Answer: The term “jack o’lantern” originates from an Irish folktale about a cheap man named “Stingy Jack” who made a deal with the devil.

Question: Where is the world’s longest haunted house?
Answer: The Haunted Cave in Lewisburg, Ohio, is a whopping 3,564 feet long and located 80 feet underground!

Question: Which film in the Paranormal Activity franchise was the most commercially successful?
Answer: Paranormal Activity 3.

Question: Why did women look in mirrors while walking downstairs at midnight on Halloween?
Answer: To see their boyfriends.

Question: What sort of mask does Michael Myers wear in the original Halloween?
Answer: Because the studio had such a small budget, they had to use the cheapest mask they could find. It was a $2 William Shatner mask that they spray painted white.

Question: How many pounds of candy corn are produced each year?
Answer: A whopping 35 million pounds of candy corn is made every year—amounting to about 9 billion pieces.

Question: What vegetable is part of a tradition on the night before Halloween?
Answer: Cabbage is often used in pranks on Mischief Night, sometimes referred to as Cabbage Night. People would sometimes leave stinky, rotten cabbage near neighbors’ doors.

Question: How much did Americans spend on Halloween in 2019?
Answer: $2.6 billion.

Question: What was the original title for Disney’s Hocus Pocus?
Answer: Hocus Pocus was initially called Halloween House—and it was more horror than comedy.

Question: Only one holiday surpasses Halloween in annual consumer sales. What is it?
Answer: Christmas actually takes the cake!

Question: Why are black cats associated with Halloween (and bad luck)?
Answer: The Puritans associated black cats with witchcraft, leading to the onyx-colored felines’ association with Halloween. In many other cultures, black cats are actually signs of good luck and are revered!

Question: When was Trick or Treat for UNICEF founded?
Answer: 1950.

Question: What was candy corn originally called?
Answer: Chicken Feed.

Question: Why did people start dressing up in Halloween costumes?
Answer: Many Europeans, including the Celtics, dressed in costumes to repel spirits that they believed came back to Earth on what we now know as Halloween

Question: What medieval English tradition inspired trick-or-treating?
Answer: On All Souls Day, the poor would go “souling,” knocking on doors offering prayers for residents’ deceased loved ones in exchange for food.

Question: What did Scottish women hang to see their future husbands on Halloween?
Answer: Wet sheets in front of a fire.

Question: What is Des Moines, Iowa’s pre-Halloween festivity called?
Answer: In Des Moines, the night before Halloween is called Beggar’s Night, in which kids go door-to-door telling jokes, reciting poems or dancing in exchange for sweets.

Question: Who was the first First Lady to decorate the White House for Halloween?
Answer: Mamie Eisenhower in 1958.

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