Laundry Day Services

This service is provided by Clean & Pink for current cleaning clients. C&P duffle bags are provided to each Laundry Day Service client. The client fills the bags and the Clean & Pink staff takes the filled duffle bags
back to the office for laundering. The detergent is hand selected by the client (special orders are made
upon request). These items are washed, fluffed and folded within 24 hours and returned in a clean crate
and laundered duffle bag. It is a simple, fast, and cost-effective process for our existing Clean & Pink clients.

Laundry Day is a service provided exclusively to existing
Clean & Pink clientele.

Marion R. “I like the fact they are here cleaning and when they strip the beds I am not stuck washing the linens.” Mike D. “Awesome service! When my wife and I travel on weekends, we bring back dirty laundry. Monday is our cleaning day, so they take it with them and we get it back the next day!” “I am C.E.O. of a corporation in Memphis. I completely trust and admire the contentiousness and efforts consistently given by the entire staff of Clean and Pink. They do a great job." Frank W. “Our utility bill went down. They wash all of our linens, towels, and the kids' clothes, which in our house is roughly 10 loads a week. C&P is awesome.” Harriet B. “Using a cleaning service whose owner is present more than not is huge for me. Trust is my #1 and I trust Heather and her staff completely.”

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After you contact us, a professional will come to your home to conduct an assessment. Once we understand your needs, and if it is a good fit, we will provide a fair quote for your consideration. Then, If you think you'd like to sign up for our cleaning services just let us know and we will schedule either a weekly or bi-weekly time that fits your busy schedule. Please see above for details on our quality offerings.

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