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Clean & Pink was established nine years ago by founder and entrepreneur Heather Donaho who identified a need in the Memphis area market to provide a “Good Housekeeping” type of approach to residential cleaning. “Our company motto is ‘cleaning is a science not a chore’ says Donaho. The company credits it’s growth and success on dependable, reliable and consistently good service.
With no budget for marketing and no investors, Donaho started with a handful of loyal, dedicated and hard working employees—many of which are with her today. It was not long before the word of mouth marketing had taken effect and slowly, clients began signing up for service.  “Our clients are successful business owners and professionals with busy lives. They needed a service they could depend on and trust, and we fill that void, says Donaho. “We have a unique process that allows us to gain trust quickly and our clients appreciate our team’s professionalism.”
Satisfied, repeat clients who tell their friends about Clean & Pink is how the company has grown, expanding into laundry services, attic and garage cleaning and more.

Thank you, Clean & Pink Customers! We would not be here without you!


clean & pink Heather Donaho


Heather Donaho; Owner Clean & Pink
Professional Residential Cleaning
“It’s a science not a chore” ™


NG “Clean in pink is an awesome company to work for and Heather is an awesome boss." AC “I have been here since the beginning and I think that says it all.” JC “I love working for this company. I like the benefits it give us and I think working 4 days a week is nice!” JH “I take my job seriously because I am working for someone who takes me seriously. She has given me raises to back up what she asks of me and everyone else.” BK “It’s a large responsibility to work at Clean and Pink. Some of these homes I did not know existed. Some are bigger than ever. What I have found is that ALL of our customers take great pride in their homes. That’s a nice thing for us to assist in the Cleaning of these homes." HD “The key for a happy customer and a happy employee is clear expectations and delivery. When everyone is on the same page work gets done and people are generally happy.”

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