Cleaning Is More Than a Task, It’s An Industry

Cleaning Is More Than a Task, It’s An Industry - Memphis Cleaning Service

Cleaning Is More Than a Task, It’s An Industry - Memphis Cleaning ServiceKPI’s are critical when selecting your cleaning service. Key performance indicators and measurements must be set by the client and the cleaning company. Most local cleaning companies are small and managed by the owner(s).  During the selection process the prospect (potential client)  should have a clear understanding of the scope of services, scheduling and estimated time of arrival, and competitive edge, i.e., market distinction (what makes the company different from others) Another key indicator in selecting a service is to interview the owner or manager. Simply put, an organization is only as good as the person managing it.

In 2009 Clean and Pink was one of the first companies, if not the first; to provide client assessments before entering a cleaning agreement.  In 2008 after countless hours of research and development, my conclusion was the current cleaning industry practices needed to be modified and upgraded.  When contacting cleaning companies (I called all in the area) pricing was given over the phone and the evaluation questions seemed to be something like “what are you looking for, when are you wanting to start and how often”. The  qualifying questions seemed to be “what is the square footage, how many people live in the home, how bedrooms/ bathrooms, how many rooms, smoking in the home, how many pets, last time it was professionally cleaned or cleaned regularly. ”  Quote was given, services began.

Clean and Pink wanted to change the industry standard in the market space. On day one Clean and Pink provided a “on property assessment”. After about 13 months in the industry other companies began shopping us, calling us for a bogus assessment, asking “what made us different?” and more.  It was at this time, that cleaning companies started providing “on property assessments”. Only 2 companies continued phone quotes. They are no longer in business.

The key ingredient to service industry success, is to understand the potential clients needs and expectations. These are different. Additionally, that the service quote is congruent to the scope of service.  If this doesn’t happen business will be lost, and reputations compromised.  Clean and Pink is now Owned by the Maddox Group, and the new owner understands the market space. Blog written by Heather Donaho; Founder Clean and Pink Co.

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