Farm-to-Table Aunt Heather’s Texas Salsa

Aunt Heathers Texas Salsa - Memphis Cleaning Service

Aunt Heathers Texas Salsa - Memphis Cleaning ServiceNothing says spring like an outdoors lawn party or picnic. I love Mason Jars, dressed in ribbon. To me it doesn’t go out of style, they are easy to store and if you are “putting up” as we call it in the south also known as canning, they work too. Store in a cool place if canning (see canning for recipe/preservation). This receipt will store in refrigerator 3-5 days. For same day chill and serve. The mason jars can be found in dollar stores, craft stores or online. Making well over 100 jars of salsa, I started creating my own recipe. Oh, I am sure it is close to many floating around. I like to keep mine simple. Kids love it. My nephew is a salsa lover and he likes Aunt Heathers, just fine. For those Texans out there it kind of starts like Cowboy Caviar.

1 Batch Ingredients: (For more add more. For chunky- chop for thin- pulse, mince, or dice).
1 large orange and yellow bell pepper (Chopped or diced- for Chunky or thin)
I can black beans (washed/ drained)
2 cans petit or crushed tomatoes (your pick)
1 mango (pealed and diced: Sub canned pineapple ½ cup chopped or ¼ cup diced. reserve ¼ cup of juice)
1 Peach (Peeled and diced.)
Juice of 1 Peach (peal, cut and put in blender or food processor)
Cilantro (chopped/ 3 tablespoons. (or sub with Parsley).
1 can of Summer Crips corn (drained- if small can use 1 ½ or 2)
1 Vidalia Sweet onion (peeled and thinly diced- I put in processor on pulse squeeze out remaining liquid in Paper towel).
2 Minced Jalapeno Peppers-for medium heat. 1 Jalapeno for mild. (wear gloves while handling. For those who like it hot, chop with veins).
½+ Teaspoon Salt and Pepper. (season to taste).
2 Limes (Juiced)
4 Radishes (Diced)
1 Teaspoon minced garlic (for garlic lovers 1 ½ teaspoons).
¼ to ½ teaspoon of sugar (sub-Keto/ natural/ organic/ dietary sugars of choice).
1 Avocado (Chopped and dressed on top of chilled and ready to serve salsa).
½ lemon. (Squeeze on avocado when chopping to prevent browning).

Mix all prepared ingredients in (Non-Metal) large mixing bowl. Chill. Serve.

For Aunt Heather’s Texas Salsa Mason Jar Party Favors – double the batch, accordingly, using smaller jars for larger crowds. Place Ribbon on Jars (Use gorilla glue or glue gun or simply tie a bow). For a recipe card use a whole punch for the card and tie twin around jars to slide receipt for guests.