Labor Day Clean Up

Labor Day Clean Up - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TN

Labor Day Clean Up - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TNClean and Pink will clean your house after the Labor Day activities. What we can’t do is clean your grill.  Below are a few suggestions on cleaning and maintaining your grill.

Interior Care

Check the gas or charcoal grill interior for damaged and worn parts. Clean the inside regularly. Grease, debris and even insects can keep a grill from working properly.


Step 1 Check the flame tamers. These cover the burners on gas grills and are also called heat tents and vaporizer bars. Brush off debris with a wire brush. Don’t put oil on flame tamers after cleaning.

Step 2  On a gas grill, tube, U-shape, flat and cast burners should be checked when flame tamers are removed. Clogged burners can lead to uneven cooking and premature burner failure. Scrub burners with a dry wire brush or abrasive nylon brush according to manufacturer’s instructions, giving attention to the burner port area (the jets where the gas comes out) to remove any food residue or grease.

Infrared and rotisserie burners that use ceramic tile require a different cleaning method. Ceramic burners are delicate and need to be cleaned carefully. Turn ceramic burners on for 10 minutes to burn off excess grease and food debris. With the burner off, use tweezers to remove any large food debris.

How to Clean Grill Grates

Clean the grates after each use. General steps for cleaning grill grates are below, but follow your manufacturer’s instructions for tools and methods.


Step 1

Brush the cooking grates with a dry wire brush or grill stone routinely to prevent food and bacteria buildup. Make sure the brush or stone is appropriate for the grates.

  • Gas Grills: Turn the burners off before cleaning. If you’re using a grill stone, no water is required because the stone will remove residue. After you’ve cleaned the cooking grates, spray them with cooking oil.
  • Charcoal Grills: Clean surfaces when the grill is still hot. Use a grill brush that dispenses water to steam-clean the grates. If your brush doesn’t have that feature, a little water sprinkled onto the brush produces the same effect.

Exterior Care Grill surfaces are made out of different materials and require different cleaning methods.

  • Porcelain-Coated Steel Lids: They’re fragile and can crack or break easily, so they should be treated similar to glass. Clean with a mild dish washing soap and water. Dry with microfiber rags or paper towels. To polish, use window cleaner.
  • Powder-Coated Steel Lids: Clean with a mild dish washing soap and water. Dry with microfiber towels or paper towels. Do not use stainless-steel polish on what might be a “stainless look,” as this will damage the finish.
  • Stainless-Steel Lids: Clean with hot soapy water first to remove any grease and grime. For stubborn, baked-on deposits or discoloring, use a sponge and scrub with the grain of the stainless-steel. (Going against the grain will damage the appearance of the grill.) Afterward, rinse with warm water to remove all soap. Then dry with a clean cloth or rag. Once the lid is dry, polish with a stainless-steel cleaner or wipe.
  • Painted Lids: They may be refinished using high-temperature paint. Use sandpaper and a scraper to remove any corrosion and wash the surface thoroughly with soap and water. Once dry, paint the surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additional Grill Maintenance Tips

If your grill sits on pavement, place a tarp or a grill mat underneath it to catch debris, grease and food.

  • Give your grill a thorough cleaning at least twice a year. If you grill frequently, a good rule of thumb is every 5 to 10 uses. Not cleaning a dirty grill can shorten its lifespan.
  • Never place a grill in a garage, breezeway, carport or under any flammable surface. Keep your grill at least 10 feet from the house.
  • Always store LP containers upright in a secure position and never store them in your car.
  • Keeps kids and pets away from a hot grill, just as you would a hot stove.
  • Always light a gas grill with the lid open.


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