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Skin is Dust- Memphis Cleaning ServiceClean and Pink gets dozens of cleaning calls in the fall, due to seasonal change. Climate change brings many things into the home from outside the home. The trees surrounding a home can change, and so does the landscape. What is outside comes inside, air turning off and on brings its problems of circulating dead skin, which is a top contributor in dust, but so does heat kicking on and off. Dust gets embedded in the carpet, on furniture, and gets trapped in the air duct system of the home. Not to mention the air units and filters inside and outside of home. Change the filters before you have the need for central heat so you don’t distribute trapped skin cells, bacteria and harmful air particles that can make you sick. Cleaning the air ducts is expensive but worth it. If you house is under construction or remodel, cleaning your air ducts, carpet, and filters is a must. IF you don’t have them cleaned, be prepared for a daily layer of dust that settles on furniture and knickknacks because what goes up, must come down. Dust can take up to 7 hours or more to settle, this is contingent on traffic in the house, air or heat kicking on and off, and how high the ceilings are in the home, and light. For more scientific data visit the article on Tracing the Chemistry of Household Dust.

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