Tips for Dry Skin During the Winter Months

Tips for Dry Skin During the Winter Months - Memphis Cleaning Service

Tips for Dry Skin During the Winter Months - Memphis Cleaning ServiceAccording to Harvard Medical Schools Publishing article, this sheds a bit of light on the layers of the skin. But as we get into colder months, we tend to use heat more frequently in heating the home, taking hot showers, and warm blankets, bedding and clothing. All needed for climate change and warmth. But one approach when taking a shower or washing your face, use warm water not HOT and dry off with a towel like the texture of a microfiber. Its soft and not abrasive to the skin. If you can stand the grease, feel, apply coconut oil to the skin allowing it to seep in before getting fully dressed. A tub of coconut oil can be found in most drug stores such as Walgreens or super stores such as Walmart. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air which is especially helpful when sleeping and has been known to assist with nose bleeds due to dry nasal cavities. Below is an article published by Harvard Medical School. Keep it Clean with Clean Living, and your home. Clean and Pink can help with a clean home.

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