Cleaning With Vinegar

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Cleaning With Vinegar

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Cleaning With VinegarNote: The information contained in this document generally refers to table strength vinegar and is not intended to be inclusive and should only be used as a guide.

Vinegar is well recognized as a cleaning agent. It is especially effective in removing inorganic soils and mineral deposits such as hard water films. It is also effective against a broad range of bacteria, destroying or reducing these organisms to acceptable levels.

Solutions containing vinegar reduced the numbers of bacteria by about 90%. The vinegar wash also reduced the numbers of viruses by about 95%. Additionally, vinegar has been found to be effective as a rinse agent in reducing levels of E. coli on various countertop surfaces (e.g., laminate, wood, tile, concrete, stainless steel and granite).

Vinegar’s chemical properties make it a cleaner with several important advantages:

  • Biodegradable – a mild organic acid
  • Easy to dispense and control
  • Safe for stainless steel used by the food industry
  • Relatively nontoxic and stable – safer for handlers
  • Pleasant “clean” odor

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