Helpful Cleaning Tips and beyond:

“Many times, over the years that I have owned Clean & Pink Residential Cleaning Service; I have often wished for a robot. Yes, a robot who could potentially, alleviate any human error ratio while cleaning. We as humans will have a % of human error while cleaning any home, even our own. So, until there are robots doing my cleaning, Clean and Pink will continue to strive to be that 0% cleaning ratio. There are many ways we, as a service strive to do this. Having multiple years on the job certainly has helped, but so has our methodologies in project management, technology for our employees, high end equipment, our products and service packages. Developing cleaning strategy and procedure for all homes and training employees is equally important allowing for consistency in each cleaning. Clean & Pink’s mantra has and will always be re: cleaning…it’s a science not a chore™ Why? Because mixing and dealing with chemicals is a science and if you don’t know what you are doing……total disaster can/will occur”.
A few basic but helpful tips when cleaning. Remember these are no guarantee simply suggestions. Surfaces, fabric, live rock, stainless, copper, tile, paint, glass, wood types, vinyl types, sealed or unsealed surfaces should be considered. As a homeowner that owns a cleaning company, I understand that I must do as much research and cross referencing of sources as everyone else. So, if you have questions reach out to me and I will do what I can to help you.
The Magic Eraser: Good tool but can be bad if not used properly. Many tips out there- most of them I have come across from reputable sources, are safe. What makes the Magic occur in this sponge like thing? Simple: Melamine, Formaldehyde, Sodium Bisulfite and Water. There is a science to it, but I will give you the short version.
Melamine is a simple organic base in the form of white crystals. When it combines with other compounds it can transform into a plush foam like solid or foam. What is interesting about this is that this foam is the same as what is used as acoustic barriers in recording studios and sound rooms.
Formaldehyde is best known as a preservative to dead animals and has been used for years. Formaldehyde can be very dangerous by itself, but if mixed with Melamine those toxic effects are neutralized and the result is a tough resin and a suitable material for cleaning. “Force gas bubbles to form in the resin during the manufacturing process and you end up with a melamine foam or eraser”. - Interview- Neel Patel Science 2015’.
Sodium Bisulfite is a recommended preservative (contains antimicrobial properties) for winemaking. It can boost resin production but is best used sparingly as solidified foams are less stable and can emit formaldehyde under various conditions.
Water as an agent is a bit controversial. Procter and Gamble says its key to fighting the stain properties as “water-activated micro-scrubbers.” The Eraser is effective either way. Just may less scrubbing when wet.
Next week follow all the multiple uses for the Magic Eraser.