How to Get Motor Oil or Grease out of Clothing

How to Get Motor Oil or Grease out of Clothing - Memphis Cleaning Service

Clean and Pink found this tip on you tube and tested it. It works but it requires a little patience . If you get oil on your clothes, the best thing to do is to blot immediately. When you can, remove your shirt to blot the oil with a clean paper towel on both sides of the fabric, until the blotted oil becomes less and less. Use a clean area on the paper towel each blot. For the stained piece of clothing, blot repeatedly both side of the fabric until most of the oil has been blotted on to the paper towel. Lay clothing down on clean surface, with a folded paper towel or cloth underneath the stained fabric. You will need an unused soft bristled toothbrush and a glass bowl of mineral spirits. Dip toothbrush in the mineral spirits, blotting and brushing the area repeatedly until the stain looks faded and you are not getting any more oil on the brush. Wipe the brush clean with a paper towel in between so you are not spreading the oil from the brush .Make sure when you need to rewet with mineral spirits you are not re-dipping the toothbrush, rather apply the mineral spirits using a spoon to rewet the fabric using the brush to work the stain. Keep the brush as clean and you can during this process by blotting on a paper towel.

Do not scrub, rather rub with the toothbrush to simply blot and stroke pushing the stain. When it the stain looks like it has faded and been pushed out, remove the cloth underneath the fabric and replace with a dry clean cloth. (repeat as needed for larger stains) The fabric should look fairly clean. At this point, blot out the some of the moisture from the mineral spirts. Next you will place dry cloth under fabric and will need dish detergent and a cup of hot water. Boiled. Swirl the detergent over the stained area, and with the clean blotted toothbrush apply the hot water to the stain and again work the area with the detergent and water, repeat until satisfied. Let sit for 15 minutes. Blot dry and place product in the washing machine.