Magic Eraser Part 2

Last week I took a basic stab and explaining the Magic Eraser sold by Mr. Clean and many other brands. Many have the same scientific make up, but different people are processing and making using; more/less, of the same ingredient. Diluted or not all magic erasers are cleaning pads. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser developed by Proctor and Gamble (now will be referred to as ME) as a cleaning pad was designed for cleaning grease splatter in the kitchen and removing scuff marks when it launched in 2003. Today you have multiple types of Magic Erasers for doing different jobs: Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Original, Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Extra Power, Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Bath Scrubber, Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Kitchen Scrubber, Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® select-a-size.
While all are great products, lets be clear that select-a-size doesn’t have a specific ingredient that makes it different unlike the kitchen that contains Dawn® liquid. Whatever your pleasure this little sucker is great on many things.

1) Remove waterlines around the pool containing Algae/ Chlorophyll.
2) Clean Plastic Cooler and outside of window seals.
3) Removes wet noise marks from pets making window cleaning a breeze.
4) Cleans light colored suede.
5) Removes hair dye from counter tops or floors.
6) Remove permanent marker from fabric (this one is tricky depends on color and dwell time).
7) Removes green mildew from siding, gutters, outside showers.
8) Removes grass stains and scuff marks on tennis shoes.
9) Removes nail polish from walls, carpets, wooden objects and plastic.
10) Removes dirt in car along handles, window ledges along with tires and rims.

With over 200 uses of this product, I say no house should go without one, or 20!