The Cranberry Collins For Any Time of the Year

The Cranberry Collins For Any Time of the Year - Cleaning Service in Memphis, TN

The Cranberry Collins For Any Time of the Year - Cleaning Service in Memphis, TN1 1/3 fl oz. Raspberry flavored vodka

1/6 fl oz. Italian red bitters liqueur

1/2 fl oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/3 fl oz Giffard Grenadine syrup

5/6 fl oz cranberry juice

2 ½  fl oz Soda Water

Here is the good news. This is not only fabulous but can be dressed up well, with garnish appeal. Rosemary is an aromatic treat when sipping this Collins and rosemary is the preferred green garnish.  I mainly prefer a true mixologist to make this for me, rather than myself. Curiously, that’s true of any technical drink that I, enjoy. There is a difference between and mixologist and a bar tender. However, a bartender that is well studied with years of experience, can make me a drink anytime.  What the difference? Its Jerry Thomas. Jerry Thomas a bartender from New York, was credited with inventing mixology in the 1860s, after his extravagant serving style turned heads among visitors at bars he worked in across the U.S. He later penned the seminal book on cocktail-making, Bar-Tender’s Guide, and created his signature cocktail, the Blue Blazer. This beverage was created by lighting whiskey afire and passing it back and forth between two glasses to create an arc of flame. Thomas initiated mixology as a craft – and a theatrical one at that. Today, mixology is firmly established as an art – one that, in essence, has three components – the aesthetic, the flavoursome, and the atmospheric. Any talented contemporary mixologist will create beverages that look beautiful and taste delicious. Clean and Pink also loves it color, pink.

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