Wine and Chilled Fruit Cocktail

Wine and Chilled Fruit Cocktail - Memphis Cleaning Service

Wine and Chilled Fruit Cocktail - Memphis Cleaning ServiceHey Y’all its Thirsty Thursday – Southerners, temps are climbing…

Summer is approaching quickly and for those who drink wine, what is more refreshing than a nice white wine that stays chilled.  Found a great tip to keep your wine perfectly chilled without diluting it with ice cubes.

Tip: Freeze your fruit- Pop a few frozen grapes in your glass! It not only looks pretty it keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature for those hot summer days. For those guests that like a sweeter white wine, create a sangria effect by pouring watermelon juice into ice treys placing blueberries in each section, then freeze. Only using one will keep the wine glass from sweetening and keep the wine chilled. It’s pretty and will transform that white wine into a beautiful Rose color on its own.