Lemon Week – Kitchen Operations Tips

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Lemon Week - Kitchen Operations Tips

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Lemon Week - Kitchen Operations TipsWelcome to this week’s Lemon week! Here for the week we will be discussing all things lemon. From cleaning to natural fresh air cleaning, to snacks and drinks- we at Clean & Pink have got you!

Steam Clean Your Microwave
Clean that stuck on food inside your microwave by steaming it first! You only need a bowl of lemon juice, and you can add a little water and/or leave some lemon rinds in the bowl as well. Microwave this for 3-5 minutes or until boiling. Stop it, and leave the door shut for another 5 minutes to give the steam a little more time to work on the microwave walls. The lemon juice will have softened the debris and now just grab a cloth and wipe away. Nice, clean, and fresh smelling microwave now!

Cleaning your Cheese Grater
Are you tired of destroying all your sponges on your cheese grater? Well now you will know that all you must do is cut a lemon in half and grate the fleshy side on both sides of the grater. The lemon will break down proteins and dairy fat, leaving you with a fresh, clean cheese grater.

No More Garbage Disposal Odors
For this, all you need are old used lemons or frozen lemon quarters. Throw those down the disposal and turn on. Those pesky odors will be no more.

To remove hard water spots and iron build up, all you need it a bowl of lemon juice. Place it on the top rack of your dishwasher and run your washer normally. This will work wonders.

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