Make Your Spring Cleaning Fun…

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Make Your Spring Cleaning Fun

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Make Your Spring Cleaning FunWe have spent far more time in our homes than we are generally used to over the last few years and it is about time we brought some of the outside in!  Spring is the ideal time for getting things in order so that we do not spend all summer fussing over the house.

Lets make a quick checklist to make the process easier and quicker so our outside time is open with no impediments.

Chose one task a day for a week and get started.

Start with cleaning baseboards.  Ugh, no one wants to do this but one good clean and a swipe with a dryer sheet and your home not only looks freshly painted but smells GREAT! Throw in a few window sills and your done for the day!

Vacuum the Kitchen chairs, and any other upholstery around the house and spritz with your favorite fabric spray and this day is done. (Don’t forget to change the air filters on this day too!)

Switch out your boots with your spring shoes.  Depending on the quantity of shoes you have this could be an all day chore. Totally enough for one day!

Clean the winter off the front porch and let the sunshine in.  Pull out the spring decorations and cheer up!  Don’t forget to sweep the welcome mat.

Finally to finish out the week, clean your makeup brushes and vanity area.  With spring here you will be needing to change up your colors.

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