Things You Should Pitch Before Starting a New In 2022

Things You Should Pitch Before Starting a New In 2022 - Cleaning Service in Memphis, TN

Things You Should Pitch Before Starting a New In 2022 - Cleaning Service in Memphis, TN

  1. Pitch the old sponge: question….why do we hang on to the same sponges for over a month? You would think they cost 25$ per sponge. This sinky item hangs around way to long. Pitch them twice a month. BTW… Popping in the dishwasher, or microwave is for a “one more time use” not another week. They break down and are not effective.
  2. Pitch the Mop: Replace the mop head attachment or simply get a new one! These are not supposed to be used an entire year- all that does is transfer germs and dirt, gross!
  3. Pitch the toilet seat: Yes, the toilet seat. Just how many “hinny times” are acceptable per day for a year? Here is a formula. If I have 4 humans in my home that use 3 toilets 4 x per day, for 365 days, how many times are hinnies on each seat? Get a new one!
  4. Pitch stained or worn-out Cloths: bath and cup towels, dishrags, wash clothes, bar clothes, table clothes. Yes, these must go. I always go with, “if it looks dirty, it probably is”. I have some dish towels that I cover my cornbread during the year. No matter how hard I try to get them clean, they are stained. PITCH THESE and start fresh in 2022.
  5. Pitch old bed sheets: These must go. They have been slept on, coughed on, sweated on, night after night, day after day for 356 days. Toss these. We spend more on cable than we do our own hygiene.
  6. Pitch Underwear: Oh yeah…I don’t even want to talk about this one. Equation: If one person has 25 pairs of underwear and wears 2 pair per day, how many times is each pair of underwear worn, in 365 days? Pitch and rotate these.
  7. Shower Brushes and body sponges: We humans use these wonderful scrubbers every day to clean our bodies of oils, germs, and dead skin for a year. That’s delightful….Gross- pitch them and get new ones.
  8. Bath Matts: Feet fungus, water dripping from bodies, or treatments after medical procedures tend to land here. Pitch these. Start with new ones in 2022.
  9. Pillows: Get rid of those tired or sad pillows. Experts at Tempur-Pedic say 1-2 years for their pillows. If your pillows are older than the life expectancy call your local animal shelter and to see if they need these for their dog crates.
  10. Toothbrush Catties: The material of the toothbrush cattie matters. If your holders are plastic, pitch them after a year. They are permeated with hard water, toothpaste, and DNA. will never come completely clean. If you can boil it, you can keep it.

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