Healthy Beach Tips

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Healthy Beach Tips

House Cleaning Service, Memphis - Healthy Beach TipsTips for Staying Healthy at the Beach

  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Pack an Umbrella or beach gear that will allow you to take a break from the sun periodically.
  • Pack healthy snacks and meals for the beach such as watermelon, berries and celery.
  • Drink Plenty of water while on the beach in the direct sun. Staying hydrated
  • Swim in the ocean, not the tiki drinks.
  • Watch out for the high calorie (but delicious) cocktails!
  • Bring active games to the beach or if able walk the beach, wearing beach shoes.
  • Avoid attempting to swim to sandbars or buoys, the look closer than the appear. Or if you do, wear a life jacket no matter how good of a swimmer you think you are.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you “fall off the wagon” of your diet. If you overindulged on day, go lite the next.
  • Alcohol, sun, and water are not always friendly to one another so watch the intake of the first two. Many people develop hives when consuming in the sun.

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