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Pine-Sol Cleaner - House Cleaning Services, Memphis TNClean and Pink uses a cap full of this product in a custom clean and pink solution for color, and sent. We get asked a lot about Pine Sol and if it is an effective cleaner. So here it is…..

Pine Sol is a disinfectant and has a very strong scent. Hiring a cleaning company with specialized product and services is the best way to go, but if you can’t Pine Sol, is a good disinfectant. As far as being a cleaner, its soapy so you must pick what you use this product on and requires a through rinse, other wise it will leave any surface it meets, sticky.

What is Pine sol good for, besides smelling clean? Well, it’s been around for years that’s for sure, but why? From the simple green and yellow label your grandma recognized, to the bright and cheerful look you see in your home today, the power of Pine-Sol® Cleaners lasts. Just after the start of the Great Depression in 1929, chemist Harry A. Cole found himself living in miles of pine forest near Jackson, Mississippi.

Mr. Cole long knew that pine oil was a natural disinfectant and deodorizer, so he rolled up his sleeves to create Pine-Sol® Brand Cleaner. In 1990, The Clorox Company acquired Pine-Sol® and set about innovating the formula and extending the line, with scented products that offer the same time-honored benefit of real clean.
However, today, the brands sold do not contain any pine oil. While all other ingredients have remained the same, pine oil has been replaced by glycolic acid. This is because of pine oil’s limited supply and high costs. Even though these products are still listed to contain pine oil, it is not an active component, and glycolic acid is mainly used as the only active ingredient. So, the product has been altered over the past nine decades, and changed ownership several times, to become what it is today.

How Is the Product Used?
You can use Pine-Sol on hard nonporous surfaces, such as floors, trash cans, diaper buckets, washrooms, tiles, bathtubs, sinks, shower stalls, bathtubs, counters, etc. Mix a quarter cup of pine sol with a gallon of water to create a solution. For a stronger effect, use maximum strength, let it stay for a while, and then rinse. On a wooden surface, do not let puddles of the solution remain. However, this product is not recommended to be used on aluminum, marble, and several wood covers, including waxed, unsealed, oiled, etc.

Does It Disinfect?
Yes, Pine-Sol is a disinfectant. Sanitizing commodities in the United States have to be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their disinfecting characteristics, and Pine-Sol is among the registered sanitizing products. It is used as a disinfectant for several germ types, getting rid of up to 99% of them.

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