To Buy…. Or Not to Buy a Home, And the Trickledown Effect?

To Buy…. Or Not to Buy a Home, And the Trickledown Effect? - Cleaning Service in Memphis, TN

To Buy…. Or Not to Buy a Home, And the Trickledown Effect? - Cleaning Service in Memphis, TNFactors and variables “trend” on home buying. The cause and effect of home buying seems to be a national discussion among first time home buyers. Clean and Pink interviewed over 20 prospects, various ages that voted against buying a home in the current economy. Just a simple question was asked. If you could buy a home in today’s market, would you? Why or why not? The data was clear in that the fear of lumber prices still going up, labor shortages and the start of COVID are the effects of depressed spending going forward with first time buyers. Additionally, people fear the worst isn’t over and a title wave of economic downturn for the US hasn’t happened….yet. “People need to get back to work, but who really wants to go back to corporate America or their thankless jobs” one IT professional stated. “I can do everything from home and be with my newborn, take the dog for a walk, or have lunch with my wife”.

One thing that we cannot argue is that the virus has changed our country in both sickness and in health. The government has issued surplus checks while bankruptcy among hospitality business owners is soaring. Is this the new America? Are the traditional ways of how live, what we buy and how we work changing with it? What we are seeing for example is that the labor market has shifted to “at home” working environments. On a lighter scale this mimic’s the employment trend in 1999 of “working remote” especially in the IT Industry- logging in to the company’s intranet with secure ID or something like it.

Today, for every employee there are 3.5 jobs available. So yeah, how we recruit, employ, and deploy resources must change with it. “Companies can get creative on this, many just do not know how” said Donaho, Owner of HDIGroup. “People whose job it is to run companies, or manage budgets, or manage people/ division, don’t have time to figure our recruiting strategies. And neither should the HR department- their job is to keep people and manage current resources, not recruit them”. There is a national shortage on work force labor in many industries. How are first time home buyers going to afford a home? Or are they? How do they qualify without tenure or salary?

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