Thirsty Thursdays

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Quench your thirst with Clean & Pink’s Thirsty Thursday drink recipes. New drink ideas are introduced weekly!
One More Bushwhacker! - Memphis Cleaning Service

One More Bushwhacker!

“Ruth…. smile, your face looks like you’re going potty” “Be quiet Margaret…. your beads don’t match your shirt” “Beth… your quiet over there, in your yellow sunglasses…you, ok?” “I am…. thank you, Rose, … But I can’t stop smiling. What was in that bushwhacker anyway????” Ingredients: 1 cup ice 1 ounce dark rum 1 ounce coffee liqueur 1 ounce dark ...

Bloody Mary Alternatives - Memphis Cleaning Service

Bloody Mary Alternatives

What’s the big deal with Bloody Mary’s? It is a meal if it done right! With all the fixings; Bloody’ s have become quite the fashion statement. But the real deal is in the stuffed Olives. Instead of blue cheese try Pimento cheese stuffed olives. With maple bacon, shrimp and pickled okra, asparagus or a green bean, the pimento cheese ...

The Perfect Cranberry Collins - Memphis Cleaning Service

The Perfect Cranberry Collins

1 1/3 fl oz. Raspberry flavored vodka 1/6 fl oz. Italian red bitters liqueur 1/2 fl oz. Freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/3 fl oz. Giffard Grenadine syrup 5/6 fl oz. Cranberry juice 2 ½ fl oz. Soda Water Here is the good news. This is not only fabulous but can be dressed up well, with garnish appeal. Rosemary is an aromatic ...

Wine and Chilled Fruit Cocktail - Memphis Cleaning Service

Wine and Chilled Fruit Cocktail

Hey Y’all its Thirsty Thursday – Southerners, temps are climbing… Summer is approaching quickly and for those who drink wine, what is more refreshing than a nice white wine that stays chilled.  Found a great tip to keep your wine perfectly chilled without diluting it with ice cubes. Tip: Freeze your fruit- Pop a few frozen grapes in your glass! ...

Pest Free Summer Drinks - Memphis Cleaning Service

Pest Free Summer Drinks

I wish I could say this was an original thought, but NOT! I went to a lawn party over the weekend, and this idea was on the drink stations. How adorable is this? When hosting a summer party and you want to serve either lemonade, punch, or a fruity alcoholic beverage and you don’t want to attract some unwanted guests ...

Thirsty Thursday Everyone. Drink Responsibly - Memphis Cleaning Service

Thirsty Thursday Everyone. Drink Responsibly!

And if you made all the wine disappear and do not feel like cleaning your house, call us at Clean and Pink We will be happy to clean your home for you!