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Cleaning Tips offer quick and easy cleaning tips that you can add to your regular cleaning routine!
Pressure Stinks - Memphis Cleaning Service

Pressure Stinks!

If your Instant Pot sealing ring smells or is stained, soak it in with a mixture of vinegar and water in your sink, a sheet pan, or any other vessel in your kitchen. Let it soak for as long as you want (an hour is great if you can spare the time), wash it with dish soap, and leave it out ...

Magnificent Cleaning Jobs - Memphis Cleaning Service

Magnificent Cleaning Jobs

Magnificent cleaning jobs are done by an expert cleaner.  One who is not looking at cleaning as a chore but rather a science. This is exactly how I started Clean and Pink Cleaning Company, 11 years ago. My mantra being “it’s a science not a chore”™. The science is proper cleaning technique and understanding products. This shower door had permeated ...

In Honor of our Hero's - Memphis Cleaning Service

In Honor of our Hero’s

Wishing all a very happy and safe 4th of July week. Observation today, Monday July 5th. Remember what it is…. that you stand for. If nothing else, be kind in all you do. In loving kindness, remember everyone that served for this flag, with this flag and under this flag. We thank you! On behalf of Clean and Pink HAPPY ...

It’s All About Toilets! - Memphis Cleaning Service

It’s All About Toilets!

Most people notice when a toilet is clean or dirty. I DO and a dirty toilet grosses me out! Why people allow dirty bathrooms in restaurant, is beyond my comprehension.  Here is a home-made toilet cube. 1 cup baking soda, ¼ cup citric acid, 1 tbsp dish soap.  Lightly stir to mix. Shape into cubes to be placed in ice ...

Cleaning Agent for Showers and Tubs - Memphis Cleaning Service

Cleaning Agent for Showers and Tubs

This little cleaning tip is a jewel. I personally use this on one of my shower floors. This particular shower floor tends to get mold growth faster than others.  As founder of a Residential Cleaning Company, I understand bathrooms, ventilation, textures, various materials, rock, stone and tiles, drip pans, sheet rock. All are relative to mold growth.  In between mold ...

Cleaning Hack for Sheet Pans - Memphis Cleaning Service

Cleaning Hack for Sheet Pans

We all have them….gross, stained pizza, cookie or bacon sheet pans that we can’t get clean.  There are many hacks that work on some things and not on others. But sheet pans are basic. This has worked on every sheet pan in my house.  On a clean surface and dry sheet pan, sprinkle (do not pour) baking soda on the ...

Memorial Day - Memphis Cleaning Service

Memorial Day


Vinegar isn’t just for cooking! - Memphis Cleaning Service

Vinegar isn’t just for Cooking!

The power of distilled white vinegar! Not only does it make clothing more vibrant (even dark clothes) it kills mildew and is great for a variety of stains. Try white vinegar on tea/coffee, grass, tomato-based stains, sweat stains and much more! But never use vinegar with bleach!

Shaving cream isn’t just for Shaving - Memphis Cleaning Service

Shaving cream isn’t just for Shaving

I grabbed this image of the web site because I have only used this brand when using shaving cream to removes stubborn stains. YES, SHAVING CREAM. Got makeup on your shirt? Apply a dollop of shaving cream to a foundation stain. Let this dwell/ sit for a few minutes and then work the material to loosen. Let sit again for ...

How to Get Motor Oil or Grease out of Clothing - Memphis Cleaning Service

How to Get Motor Oil or Grease out of Clothing

Clean and Pink found this tip on you tube and tested it. It works but it requires a little patience . If you get oil on your clothes, the best thing to do is to blot immediately. When you can, remove your shirt to blot the oil with a clean paper towel on both sides of the fabric, until the ...

Use A Squeegee To Remove Hair From Your Carpet - Memphis Cleaning Service

Use A Squeegee To Remove Hair From Your Carpet

If you have a house full of children and pets, you know the struggle of trying to remove hair from carpets, blankets, and upholstered furniture. Sometimes vacuuming just doesn’t cut it, but this cleaning tip will. Use your trusted bathroom squeegee to scrape over your carpets or rugs to lift up embedded hairs and dust that get pushed down by ...

Spring Blind Cleaning - Memphis Cleaning Service

Spring Blind Cleaning

Hello my fellow Memphians! Spring is upon us and most people do not have the time or desire to clean window blinds in their home. Dirty Blinds happen to be one of my favorite things to clean, now that I found the best method for blinds that can’t be taken down and disassemble for cleaning. I warn you, it takes ...

Magic Eraser Part 2

Last week I took a basic stab and explaining the Magic Eraser sold by Mr. Clean and many other brands. Many have the same scientific make up, but different people are processing and making using; more/less, of the same ingredient. Diluted or not all magic erasers are cleaning pads. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser developed by Proctor and Gamble (now ...

Helpful Cleaning Tips and beyond:

“Many times, over the years that I have owned Clean & Pink Residential Cleaning Service; I have often wished for a robot. Yes, a robot who could potentially, alleviate any human error ratio while cleaning. We as humans will have a % of human error while cleaning any home, even our own. So, until there are robots doing my cleaning, ...

clean & pink garage clean out

Attic Cleanout Memphis

Clean and Pink offers attic clean-out for Memphis and surrounding areas. Are you afraid to open your attic door? Let us set your mind at ease and tackle that attic mess! Unlike other services whereas you may need to call a separate attic cleaning company and lease a waste disposal container with Clean and Pink attic clean-out haul off is ...

Residential Cleaning Memphis

Clean & Pink was established five years ago by founder and entrepreneur Heather Donaho who identified a need in the Memphis area market to provide a “Good Housekeeping” type of approach to residential cleaning. “Our company motto is ‘cleaning is a science not a chore’ says Donaho. The company credits it’s growth and success on dependable, reliable and consistently good ...